Saturday, April 12, 2014

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Need Only Apply

There is high demand for entrepreneurs and innovators right now. The race for growth and 'break out' innovation is on as businesses look to future proof offers and grow income streams.

It's a great time for creativity and 'go getting.' New ideas need to prevail despite organisational barriers. Taking a 'leap of faith' into a brave new world is the only option for some organisations with technology changing the playing field.

The future is here now, and the talent gap is widening. Companies are fast-tracking cultural change programs to stay ahead of competitors. The 'shout out' for entrepreneurs and innovators is deafening. It seems to be implied in every job advertisement - our company needs individuals that will help us evolve and grow - Entrepreneurs and Innovators need only apply. 

Establishing a workplace that supports process discipline, entrepreneurial tenacity and innovative creative thinking is a challenging construct. A major leadership engineering task. 

New resources acquired to boldly instigate change coupled with established process enforcers makes for an interesting work dynamic. Motivating individuals and establishing interaction rules needs considered attention. Fostering internal partnerships that collaborate effectively to develop solutions requires progressive management thinking.

Below are some thoughts of management style principles to accommodate the entrepreneurs and innovators that every business is chasing:

  • Champion inquisitive and flexible project management practices
  • Embrace diversity
  • Value and reward contribution 
  • Avoid curbing enthusiasm, direct it towards an outcome
  • Respect areas of expertise and opposing professional strengths
  • Encourage exploring leads/ideas to come to 'own' conclusions
  • Be a behaviour moderator - not conformist 
  • Check robustness of ideas and set clear decision frameworks
  • Navigate cross functional politics and decision hierarchies
  • Be a gatekeeper of ideas that do not lead anywhere - allow quirky thoughts and unstructured processes 
  • Maintain an external focus on the customer
  • Be willing to try new approaches 
  • Make process checks pit stops rather than long endurance races
  • Manage risk, set a tolerance for failure
  • Do not over commit - ensure checks and balances are in place

The call is out for entrepreneurs and innovators.....who answers and who listens will determine future success or failures.

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