Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tone Impacts Beyond Words #authentictone

We've all experienced a conversation where it was the tone rather than the words that shaped our lasting impression of the interaction - 'it wasn't what she/he said it was the way that they said it.'

The tone of how a message is delivered is critical to how it will be received. There is a generational change in how the tone of language and design is used to communicate. Creating an interesting generational divide on preferences. 

Take for example the use of emoticons or visuals which are used as a way of framing a short statement. Essentially they are used to set the communication tone. Short text with visuals are preferable to longer text emails as a way of effectively communicating for many. 

Technology and social language memes are being used to effectively set the tone of messaging. The sharing of responsive, visual and authentic dialogue is highly pervausive,even for serious messaging. I would argue that this is not viewed anymore as an informal or superficial way of communicating. The coin is flipping in this regard.

There's another interesting messaging convention forming as well. The idea that not all information needs to be conveyed at once. That there is a place for a short attention grabbing message in one channel, that leads an audience to finding out more information in another channel. The initial tone sets the scene for a larger informational piece to come. 

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. It is exciting to see the generational change coming through so boldly. I like the simplicity and approachability of modern messaging. The way that visuals set an emotive tone which is 'human' in style. The way that every message doesn't have to be verbose,  just honest. How it breaks through cultural language barriers. Is not a strict structure rather an authentic approach. How at its best is a positive and accessible way to communicate. Mostly I like how tone is being rethought because this is what we relate too the most.

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