Sunday, March 1, 2015

Perception is Reality

When it comes to branding perception is reality. Perception = Reality

We have a perceived image of many brands we have never had an occasion to interact with. Even to the point where we subconsciously avoid certain brands. This is our reality. 

To change perceptions often a disruption is required to reset expectations. A new reality is presented that challenges the current view.  Reality + Disruption = Changed Perception

At its most simplistic, branding is a visual way to be identified against competitive offers.  At its strongest its a set of unique promises and values that are widely recognised and consistently delivered. Internal and external views of brands can vary widely. This does not just represent an opportunity gap, it can be a  business performance lead indicator - from talent attraction to advocacy/referrals.  Strong Brands: Internal Perceptions = External Perceptions 

Some times the only way to change a perception is to get noticed more. Be a little provocative, clever,  creative, or distinctive in some way. Well orchestrated disruptions challenge us to think of a brand in a new way. The watch point of course is that it can't be a disruption without any substance. Consumers will soon see through this and the fall out can be harsh in a socially connected world. 

Just like in life, to reset how others see you as you develop you need to take some calculated risks and follow through. Brands are the same. Perceptions won't change without knowledge.  Knowledge can't be created if no-one is seeing or hearing your authentic voice. 

Perceptions are reality. You can choose to maintain or disrupt current perceptions. One thing is for certain, perceptions of brands exist in people's minds whether they are real or not. 


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  2. Very interesting... thanks for the insightful blog.

    ps... thought your name was dynette.